Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack – Best Value Guitar Pack

A course for those who are interested in playing the guitar? Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack sounds like a great idea, a one set deal similar to that of a Yamaha gig-maker. I have personally recommended Gig makers to those who want to learn, but I guess the world is getting quite modern now and the tastes of the times have changed. An all in one package is probably something to get a person playing proper.

Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

The package itself comes with a guitar, that’s a bonus, right there, and I’ll get on writing about the guitar later, let’s take a look at what the Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack has to offer. So most important would be the book, the book is filled with a lot of information which you would need to be playing and some which you wouldn’t.


So I got myself into the position of a beginner right there and it was hard to know if someone would know this had they been a beginner, so instead I got a friend of mine to try it out. After a few days she didn’t really learn what she was supposed to learn, and neither was she getting off at a good start (she did manage to learn how to tune the guitar with the aid of the tuner).

So the book might be whack but it does come with a CD, I didn’t take the time to delve into it, I just bee lined directly to the guitar that came along with the set. The guitar quality is quite good, a Kona so says the box, playable and definitely a beginner’s guitar, nothing short of something out of a gig maker or any other starter set I would say.

The guitar is made of Spruce for the face and linden for the back and sides; this gives the guitar a proper sound, much like something from Takamine (the low end I mean). The tuners are stiff and stable, the neck is smooth and very accessible for any size of hand I think.

So overall the guitar was great, but the things it came with were not so, the book and the CD are not that much to worry about, the picks were average, but the tuner was good. I will suggest that you get this Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack for a friend as a joke, but for serious players go for the acoustic gig maker and buy a guitar book separately.

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