Gibson SG Standard Bass

The Gibson SG Standard Bass is actually a remake of the popular classic, dual-pickup version of Gibson’s original bass, the F80. It stays true to its roots in terms of design as well as specifications including the ever so famous 30.5 inch scale length which gives its players quick action. This bass looks really great probably due to its nitrocellulose finish. Unlike the usual polyurethane finish, the nitrocellulose finish is thinner and softer meaning there is less interference with the sound and the finish can be repaired easily.

In my opinion, the most distinguish feature about the Gibson SG Standard Bass is its weight. It is the lightest bass I have ever played on. It is so easy to carry around which is especially useful in performance and gigs. I can play for long hours and not get tired as easily as usual. Its small neck also makes it easy for those with small hands such as me. In addition, its neck is very fast, making it easy to play those bass solos and fantastic fretwork.

The sound made by this bass guitar is unique and good. It makes a fat warm and rounded sound that gives a mellow and warm sound. The sound is also deep and articulate. So far, this is the only bass guitar I know of that gives this kind of tune. Fender basses usually give a thin sound. Coupled with its fast neck, it is really suitable for playing jazz and blues. The Bridge Pickup gives the Gibson SG Standard Bass clarity.

One thing to note about this guitar is that it is quite pricey. On the bright side, if you own a Fender amp, it works well. So you can save money on the bass. This bass guitar is also less durable than other bass guitars. If you are getting this bass guitar, then handle with care. It is also not a good choice for modern rock. If this is your kind of thing, you may want to look elsewhere.

In conclusion, the Gibson SG Standard Bass is a great bass guitar for those who have the extra cash to spend and is does not play modern rock. It is expensive, but worth every penny.


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