Gibson ES-175

You would be out of your mind to say that this guitar has problems, this is the grand daddy of all electric jazz guitars, made and bored into the heart of all guitarists, owning one is a testament to just how determined you are as a Jazz or blues man. Iconic is an understatement, this Gibson ES-175 is famous amongst the older generations of guitarist, Robert Johnson would definitely love playing one if he had the chance, BB King played one of these, Garth brooks had an acoustic guitar designed to the shape of this ES-175, that’s just how amazing this guitar is.

Gibson ES-175 Classic Electric Guitar

Gibson ES-175 Classic Electric Guitar

The build of this semi hollow Jazz guitar consists of a plain laminated maple top and a curly laminated maple back and rims, this paired with the double humbucker pickups allow for a really “soul-full” sound, almost ethereal when plug into a clean amplifier, this is why it’s called the jazz guitar. Gibson ES-175 comes with a pick guard just in case you lose control during those “burning” moments, this saves you from having a scarred and peeling guitar.

The neck is made of mahogany, smooth to the feel, scales come naturally with its extra light gauge strings, sliding and ripping each pentatonic like your fingers were rows of hot scalpels going trough butter, and it is near impossible to put the amazing sound it makes into words, (it may be near impossible but not something I would be able to attempt).

Four tuning dials which you can freely adjust, these affect the tone, pitch and volume (obviously), the best thing about Jazz guitars are that they don’t need foot pedals or any other fancy thing, you can even plug it into a regular speaker if you can’t get your hands on a proper amp. Pickup selector is ever present; with only 2 humbuckers you get the low, mid and high pickup selection, more than enough.

There is nothing much to say about the Les Paul of Jazz, there is nothing negative that I can think of, it comes in so many colors, and this one is the trademark vintage sunburst one, so if you are looking for something to mark your acceptance into the world of professional guitarists or just as a truly keen one for that matter you definitely need to own this Gibson ES-175.

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