Types and Styles of Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are gaining more and more popularity over the years. In fact, studies have rated these to be an exceptionally popular choice among teenagers, with millions of units being sold each year. If you’re joining the club, it would be helpful to know the different types and styles of electric guitars available in the market before you go ahead and buy one.

Guitar Body Styles

When considering an electric guitar, one of the fundamentals that you may need to know is the fact that these guitars come in three basic body styles. These are solid-body, semi-hollow (also known as semi solid) and hollow body styles.

  • Solid body – A solid body guitar lacks a hollow space within it. As the name suggests, it is fully solid. Such guitars are especially suitable for loud amplifications and additional effects.
  • Semi hollow body – Semi hollows on the other hand, are more suited when there is a need for greater levels of acoustic sounds with loud amplifications.
  • Hollow body – The hollow body guitar is also know as a ‘jazz’ guitar. Similar to its semi-hollow cousin, it too has the capacity to provide for greater acoustic sounds. They are also prone to deliver with high levels of amplifications.

String Through Body Guitar
A famous type of guitar that is often classified as solid-body styled, is the string-through body guitar. The term “string-through body” is used to refer to the fact that the strings are attached through holes that are drilled into the bottom of the body. This type of guitar is known for its ability to increase the sustain of the sound. In other words, the sounds tend to remain for a longer period of time before becoming inaudible. This is especially expected with hard rock and rock and roll music, which are often defined by the increased of sustain in guitar sound.

Chambered Guitar
Another type of electric guitar that deserves to be noted is the chambered guitar. These guitars have holes drilled into their body. Known as a “weight relief” system, the presence of these holes are though to positively affect sound quality, resulting in a livelier twist to the sound. One of the latest models especially known for this feature is the Les Paul Supreme.

Double Necked Guitar
Another interesting addition to the types of electric guitars is the double necked guitar, which is unique for its double neck feature. This feature allows the guitarist to play the guitar and bass guitar at once. It is also commonly used for playing the six-string and twelve string guitars together. I must warn you however, that this is strictly professional material. If you just beginning, I would suggest getting a hang on one neck first.

It might be a bit confusing at first when you find so many varieties in the market. Generally, it is useful to know the three basic styles first, before deciding on the specific types you would like to purchase. Hope this was helpful!


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