Electric Guitars: How to Choose

Now you have stepped it up a notch, no more with the hollow wood acoustics, you want to rip it like Paige, burn it like Slash and be Expressive like BB King, you look for your first electric guitar, but you don’t know how, what or anything about electric guitars, well don’t worry, I am here to show you how to choose the best electric guitar. Before I start, here are some of my top picks.

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How to Choose the Best Electric Guitar

There are several types of electric guitars which you can choose from, and all of them will reflect your playing style. Each electric guitar is build with a specific purpose, and it is up to you to figure out which is the best electric guitar for you. All I can tell you is how to pick a good one, and some hints on what these good ones can do.

When you shop for an electric guitar, my tip is to think about these two first:

  • Designs
  • Pickups

Electric guitars come in so many shapes and sizes, some with cutaways and some without. These cutaways are built to allow a player to reach for the highest frets all the way down the neck so that they can utilize the full range of the guitar without having to alter their finger positions. The best electric guitar that allows players to utilize the full neck would be the Gibson SG; this lets you rip as far as you want.

There are also guitars with hollow insides; these are like the Gibson ES Jazz guitar. Like the name says these guitars are jazz guitars, they have a warm and low tone thanks to the cavity in the body. Read my guide on the types and styles of electric guitars here.

These are not the trucks they use to haul a dead buck off the hunting grounds; these are the things which replace the sound box and hole of an acoustic guitar in an electric one. These are magnets, they “pickup” the vibration of strings and convert them into electrical signals and transfer them trough cable to the amplifier which in turn converts it into sound (what a mouthful). The number of pickups will definitely let you know the number of tones you can select, in general there are 2 pickups, the Single pickup like the ones you see on a stratocaster and humbucker which are basically two single pickups combines, just like that of a Les Paul.

The difference of sound between these pickups varies greatly, for a sharper and distinguishing tone go for single pickups and for a deeper more wide sound the humbucker would do great. The best electric guitar will have several pickups on them, humbuckers and singles together.

Extras and Tools
After you decide on the design and pickups, a few extras and tools will complete the set. An electric guitar comes with more extras than Slipknot has members; these extras are foot pedals, whammy bars, amplifiers, straps and a few other novelties. It’s important to note that to play like the rockers you adore you are going to need the tools and extras they use, a good amplifier which allows for a lot of sound tuning and tweaking will give you a good start, but after that you will want to invest into a foot pedal, the Boss DD series is by far the most popular.


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