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Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar

If you are into the classics and are looking for a guitar that would fare well with many lighter genres, you may want to take a look at the Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar. This piece may be a little unsuitable for heavy metal but is certainly an ideal choice when it comes to […]

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Gibson SG Standard Bass

The Gibson SG Standard Bass is actually a remake of the popular classic, dual-pickup version of Gibson’s original bass, the F80. It stays true to its roots in terms of design as well as specifications including the ever so famous 30.5 inch scale length which gives its players quick action. This bass looks really great […]

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Gibson ES-175

You would be out of your mind to say that this guitar has problems, this is the grand daddy of all electric jazz guitars, made and bored into the heart of all guitarists, owning one is a testament to just how determined you are as a Jazz or blues man. Iconic is an understatement, this […]

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