Electric guitars are gaining more and more popularity over the years. In fact, studies have rated these to be an exceptionally popular choice among teenagers, with millions of units being sold each year. If you’re joining the club, it would be helpful to know the different types and styles of electric guitars available in the market before you go ahead and buy one.

Guitar Body Styles

When considering an electric guitar, one of the fundamentals that you may need to know is the fact that these guitars come in three basic body styles. These are solid-body, semi-hollow (also known as semi solid) and hollow body styles.

  • Solid body – A solid body guitar lacks a hollow space within it. As the name suggests, it is fully solid. Such guitars are especially suitable for loud amplifications and additional effects.
  • Semi hollow body – Semi hollows on the other hand, are more suited when there is a need for greater levels of acoustic sounds with loud amplifications.
  • Hollow body – The hollow body guitar is also know as a ‘jazz’ guitar. Similar to its semi-hollow cousin, it too has the capacity to provide for greater acoustic sounds. They are also prone to deliver with high levels of amplifications.

String Through Body Guitar
A famous type of guitar that is often classified as solid-body styled, is the string-through body guitar. The term “string-through body” is used to refer to the fact that the strings are attached through holes that are drilled into the bottom of the body. This type of guitar is known for its ability to increase the sustain of the sound. In other words, the sounds tend to remain for a longer period of time before becoming inaudible. This is especially expected with hard rock and rock and roll music, which are often defined by the increased of sustain in guitar sound.

Chambered Guitar
Another type of electric guitar that deserves to be noted is the chambered guitar. These guitars have holes drilled into their body. Known as a “weight relief” system, the presence of these holes are though to positively affect sound quality, resulting in a livelier twist to the sound. One of the latest models especially known for this feature is the Les Paul Supreme.

Double Necked Guitar
Another interesting addition to the types of electric guitars is the double necked guitar, which is unique for its double neck feature. This feature allows the guitarist to play the guitar and bass guitar at once. It is also commonly used for playing the six-string and twelve string guitars together. I must warn you however, that this is strictly professional material. If you just beginning, I would suggest getting a hang on one neck first.

It might be a bit confusing at first when you find so many varieties in the market. Generally, it is useful to know the three basic styles first, before deciding on the specific types you would like to purchase. Hope this was helpful!


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Dean Playmate EVO Junior

If your kid is starting to show interest in music, and you’re thinking of getting him started off with the coolest electric guitar you can find, the Dean Playmate EVO Junior Solid Body Electric Guitar is definitely an option to be marked down. Ideal for kids and beginners, one of the most striking applauds for this piece is simply that it looks and sounds cool.

The quality of sound obtained from this Dean Playmate EVO Junior electric guitar is certainly an encouragement, especially for kids who are starting to hate practicing. Top that up with its cool style and your kid would have something to boast about in school.

The EVO Junior has also been commended for its travel friendly features. Its light body and small size makes it an ideal travel companion, be it out of town or simply next door. The sealed tuners are yet another feature of this guitar, enabling a stable tuning that reduces the need for frequent adjustments. As such, it is no doubt that this piece would certainly win favor from its buyers.

Among other esteemed features of this electric guitar include its tough body and attractive shade. Its construction is also a subject of applause, as it is quite a solid piece.

However, it must be stated that the Dean Playmate EVO Junior is no perfect electric guitar. A minus point of this piece is the fact that it requires tedious initial adjustments, which include adjustments of the bridge, string height and intonations. If you’re a beginner, doing all this by yourself could be a bit of a sweat. You may want to get clear directions which are available online.

Alternatively, you could simply get help from experts. All these hard work at the start up isn’t very much encouraging, especially if your kid already has an issue with enthusiasm. There have also been complains of loose plugs and scratches due to improper packaging protocols. Thus, you may want to double check your Dean Playmate EVO Junior when it arrives!


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If you are into the classics and are looking for a guitar that would fare well with many lighter genres, you may want to take a look at the Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar. This piece may be a little unsuitable for heavy metal but is certainly an ideal choice when it comes to playing the blues.

It is also especially commended for its great tone, equipped with a variety of sounds and excellent pickups. An especially esteemed feature of the Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar is simply the fact that it has two volume control switches. This enables detailed adjustments to the sounds, allowing for a personalized option. Not many guitars are known to have this ability. As such, just this point alone adds a great deal of value to this purchase!

It is also worth noting that that this electric guitar is more on the light side when it comes to weight, giving you that extra comfort and reduced fatigue when playing it. The neck is also known to be rightly fitting, not too fat like most others are known to be. Top this up with its excellent natural wood look, and you are bound to have a great experience owning this piece.

On the flip side, there have been complaints of unwelcoming buzzes coming from the ‘a’ and ‘e’ strings of this guitar prior to proper tweaking. Thus, perhaps there may be a need for thorough adjustments prior to use. The frets are also said to be quite sharp at the ends. This may result in some extent of discomfort when playing, especially if you’re a beginner. The last thing you would want is pain on your fingertips to remember the gain of your practice sessions!

The shoddy quality control practiced by Gibson has also come under the highlight of unsatisfied customers. It appears that different sets of this same model sound drastically different prior to initial adjustments. Perhaps that is something Gibson could work on. Still, this is the best electric guitar in the market and I highly recommend giving the Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar a try!


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If you’re thinking of picking up the guitar as a new hobby, and need an electric guitar that is cheap and yet does not compromise on quality, the Epiphone LP Standard Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar is probably the best buy you will ever find. Esteemed for its good sound quality and great pickup, this guitar is bound to give you the feel of owning an expensive guitar- only for a lesser price!

With the Epiphone LP, you will have a guitar that costs less and gives more. It is truly an impressive deal for beginners. It is also worth mentioning that this electric guitar can provide deep smooth rhythms when used with the right amplifiers and equipment. The fact that it is well made and durable means that it could probably last as long as a more expensive piece can. It is also especially good looking, adding style to your performance.

On the flip side, customers have complained of the guitar going out of tune when used with its original strings. Thus, if you’re planning to play regularly, you may want to swap the strings with a new set. However, this problem is only mentioned with the use of the original string. Once the strings are changed, the guitar stays in tune for quite a long time.

This piece may be an economical choice, and though it does not heavily compromise quality, professionals may not prefer it. If strumming on the guitar is somewhat a day job to you, you may want to consider something a little more expensive. Otherwise, the Epiphone LP Standard Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar is certainly an item to consider. At the risk of sounding repetitive, this guitar is certainly an awesome choice for a cheap electric guitar!


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Squier by Fender

The Squier by Fender is definitely an awesome experience of ownership. To start off, by simply looking at the items that come along with the purchase, you would know you are getting your penny’s worth. The package itself is a good deal, and a great way to start compliments for this product.

The Squier comes with a 5-position pickup selector. This gives you the option of a wide variety of sounds, from jazz to rock- something every guitar enthusiast would expect from his guitar. The construction is simply awesome. With a solid body and an impressive design, the Squier doesn’t just sound good. It literally looks the beat!

Another commendable feature of the Squier is the fact that the strings are relatively stable, allowing for only a minimum degradation of tone. The amplifier that comes along with this set is also another applauded item, as it is known to sound really good for something that fits within a package deal. Value for your money seems to be the priority goal of this product.

Frankly speaking, it is truly enlightening to note that there really isn’t much of an issue with this piece. So far, it seems that the majority of buyers are pretty much satisfied with this package. Perhaps one of the few extremely minor issues faced by this product is the problem with its tuner instructions. It is recommended that better instructions be obtained online as the given instructions seem to be rather confusing.

Also, the DVD that comes along with the package does not seem to be very helpful to beginners. As such, you may perhaps need to find an alternative instruction source. Apart from this, I must say that The Squier by Fender is definitely an above average buy. I could almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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Now you have stepped it up a notch, no more with the hollow wood acoustics, you want to rip it like Paige, burn it like Slash and be Expressive like BB King, you look for your first electric guitar, but you don’t know how, what or anything about electric guitars, well don’t worry, I am here to show you how to choose the best electric guitar. Before I start, here are some of my top picks.

Best Buy Electric Guitar – An affordable electric guitar that doesn’t compromise on quality.
Best Electric Guitar – The all-time famous and best electric guitar there is, I’m not kidding you.
Best Electric Guitar for Kids – Sized down electric guitar for the kiddos.
Best Electric Guitar Pack for Beginners – Value pack great for first timers.

How to Choose the Best Electric Guitar

There are several types of electric guitars which you can choose from, and all of them will reflect your playing style. Each electric guitar is build with a specific purpose, and it is up to you to figure out which is the best electric guitar for you. All I can tell you is how to pick a good one, and some hints on what these good ones can do.

When you shop for an electric guitar, my tip is to think about these two first:

  • Designs
  • Pickups

Electric guitars come in so many shapes and sizes, some with cutaways and some without. These cutaways are built to allow a player to reach for the highest frets all the way down the neck so that they can utilize the full range of the guitar without having to alter their finger positions. The best electric guitar that allows players to utilize the full neck would be the Gibson SG; this lets you rip as far as you want.

There are also guitars with hollow insides; these are like the Gibson ES Jazz guitar. Like the name says these guitars are jazz guitars, they have a warm and low tone thanks to the cavity in the body. Read my guide on the types and styles of electric guitars here.

These are not the trucks they use to haul a dead buck off the hunting grounds; these are the things which replace the sound box and hole of an acoustic guitar in an electric one. These are magnets, they “pickup” the vibration of strings and convert them into electrical signals and transfer them trough cable to the amplifier which in turn converts it into sound (what a mouthful). The number of pickups will definitely let you know the number of tones you can select, in general there are 2 pickups, the Single pickup like the ones you see on a stratocaster and humbucker which are basically two single pickups combines, just like that of a Les Paul.

The difference of sound between these pickups varies greatly, for a sharper and distinguishing tone go for single pickups and for a deeper more wide sound the humbucker would do great. The best electric guitar will have several pickups on them, humbuckers and singles together.

Extras and Tools
After you decide on the design and pickups, a few extras and tools will complete the set. An electric guitar comes with more extras than Slipknot has members; these extras are foot pedals, whammy bars, amplifiers, straps and a few other novelties. It’s important to note that to play like the rockers you adore you are going to need the tools and extras they use, a good amplifier which allows for a lot of sound tuning and tweaking will give you a good start, but after that you will want to invest into a foot pedal, the Boss DD series is by far the most popular.


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Fender Squier P Bass

I own a Fender Squier P Bass. It has 3 knobs, 2 of which is volume control, 20 frets, 3 clover shaped tuners which looks nice, a maple neck, a nicely cutaway alder body, a split single-coiled pickup and a rosewood fretboard. However, unlike other bass guitars, this one doesn’t come with any gig bag which is quite disappointing. It didn’t even come with a strap.

One of the best external features of the Fender Squier P Bass is the great looking white pick guard. It goes really well with its black body. Unfortunately, the pick ground gets scratched easily and collects dust very fast. The controls in the Fender Squier P Bass are simple to use and works really well. They are easy to turn and relatively simple.

This bass guitar, like many Fender brand bass guitars, is really a tough one. I have been using it for 2 years for gigs and recordings and so far nothing has been broken or dented. In fact, nothing on the bass shows any hint of breaking in the near future. I seriously think if I threw this guitar down from a 2 story building, it would only suffer minimal dents. The strap buttons are really solid as well.

I initially bought this bass guitar when I was transitioning from guitar to bass. I really like the Fender Squier P Bass as it is easy to use which greatly helped my transition. I highly recommend this bass guitar to those wish to transition to bass from guitar. The sound produced form this bass ranges from bright tunes to mellow ones. Its versatility makes it easy to play almost any genre.

I do have some complains about this bass guitar though. When I first bought it, I had to adjust the pickups a little. It wasn’t tight enough. I also find that the finish is a little soft. The biggest thing that bugs me is the noise. I find it to be quite loud compared to other basses. However, for its price, I suppose that one can’t complain that much.

In conclusion, I think the Fender Squier P Bass is suitable for those who are learning to play the bass. For more advanced players who have a bigger budget, you might want to look for another bass guitar.


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Yamaha RBX170 Bass

I purchased the Yamaha RBX170 Bass a while back and have been very pleased with it. It has everything a bass should have. The Yamaha RBX170 Bass has an agathis body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware. It only comes in three colors though; metallic blue, metallic red and metallic black. All of them look great but I went with the metallic blue bass guitar.

The body of this bass guitar is very light, since it is made from agathis. It is great for performing especially long hours. It is easy to move around and it does not hurt your shoulders. The neck is slightly thicker than a jazz bass but slimmer than the precision basses. Fret access is quite good up till the 20th fret. The last frets are a little difficult to reach due to the bolt on the neck.

Since I used it till now, I don’t find any dents or scratches on the body. I have been using the Yamaha RBX170 Bass for gigs without backup many times. It is the most reliable bass guitar I have ever purchased. The strap buttons are quite solid but I would advise buying strap locks for extra safety. This bass guitar will stay in tune for quite a long time and even if it goes out of tune, the tuners that come with the bass guitar is actually quite good, despite its cheap price.

When it arrived, it could be played immediately. The factory settings were well done. This bass guitar is also very versatile. It can play almost any type of music ranging from jazz to heavy metal. The two volume knobs and the single tone knob gives a variety of sounds to choose from. The only thing that I am unhappy about is the electronics. It uses passive electronics. I personally prefer active electronics to passive ones. If something were to happen to this bass guitar, I would save up a little more money and get the same type but with active electronics.

All in all, the Yamaha RBX170 Bass is a great beginner bass guitar. I highly recommend it those who just want to try out playing the bass as it is very much cheaper than most basses of its quality.


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Gibson SG Standard Bass

The Gibson SG Standard Bass is actually a remake of the popular classic, dual-pickup version of Gibson’s original bass, the F80. It stays true to its roots in terms of design as well as specifications including the ever so famous 30.5 inch scale length which gives its players quick action. This bass looks really great probably due to its nitrocellulose finish. Unlike the usual polyurethane finish, the nitrocellulose finish is thinner and softer meaning there is less interference with the sound and the finish can be repaired easily.

In my opinion, the most distinguish feature about the Gibson SG Standard Bass is its weight. It is the lightest bass I have ever played on. It is so easy to carry around which is especially useful in performance and gigs. I can play for long hours and not get tired as easily as usual. Its small neck also makes it easy for those with small hands such as me. In addition, its neck is very fast, making it easy to play those bass solos and fantastic fretwork.

The sound made by this bass guitar is unique and good. It makes a fat warm and rounded sound that gives a mellow and warm sound. The sound is also deep and articulate. So far, this is the only bass guitar I know of that gives this kind of tune. Fender basses usually give a thin sound. Coupled with its fast neck, it is really suitable for playing jazz and blues. The Bridge Pickup gives the Gibson SG Standard Bass clarity.

One thing to note about this guitar is that it is quite pricey. On the bright side, if you own a Fender amp, it works well. So you can save money on the bass. This bass guitar is also less durable than other bass guitars. If you are getting this bass guitar, then handle with care. It is also not a good choice for modern rock. If this is your kind of thing, you may want to look elsewhere.

In conclusion, the Gibson SG Standard Bass is a great bass guitar for those who have the extra cash to spend and is does not play modern rock. It is expensive, but worth every penny.


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The Fender Standard Precision Bass is actually a remake of the legendary Fender Precision Bass guitars made in the early 50’s. It combines the best of the old and the new to create amazing innovations such as the modern single-coil pickup, maple fretboard tinted neck and many others. I even bought it on Amazon at a discounted rate of $550.

The best feature about the Fender Standard Precision Bass is its durability. It is very much tougher than most bass guitars. In fact, it’s the toughest guitar I have ever owned. I once knocked it against a drum symbol and it didn’t have a scratch on it at all.

The size is really suitable as well. I would go as far as to say it is perfect. It isn’t too big and yet it isn’t too small. In addition to that, it’s light. I had to problem playing with it for 90 hours straight. I didn’t even have to use any backup. I would seriously recommend it to those who are facing problems with playing their bass guitar for long periods of time.

Along with all Fender products, the sound of this bass guitar is good. I would give it 8 out of 10. It sounds crisp unlike some bass guitars. Furthermore, it’s also really versatile. The bass guitar is able to play all kinds of music like rock, punk and even jazz.

The external features of the Fender Standard Precision Bass are quite eye-catching. It comes in many colors. The top is solid and laminated so the finger prints don’t show easily. If polished, the neck body looks really professional.

There are some things to note when buying the Fender Standard Precision Bass. One is its truss rod. The truss road is a little curved, so your fingers have to press the strings down harder. Its high notes are also a little soft for some people. I personally feel its okay though I have to admit, it does sound softer than some bass guitars.

In conclusion, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. I highly recommend it to those who are new at playing this instrument due to its weigh and durability. Advanced players should also get the Fender Standard Precision Bass for its better sound and greater versatility.


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